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Today, we discuss the interior design classics for a gentleman’s home. See our list here:

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→ Script: Teresa C. Schneider
→ Camera & Editing: Chris Dummer

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00:00 Introduction

Like one’s clothing choices, interior design can be intensely personal. However, unlike clothing which of course, you can change every day, interior design is a bit more permanent. Classic interior design can actually mean a wide variety of things ranging from more traditional styles
like English country home to more modern aesthetics like Bauhaus and mid-century modern. In fact, these days, you don’t even have to commit to appointing your space in just one style. Raphael and Teresa’s interior design for example leans heavily toward traditional aesthetics as you’re seeing here but even they don’t stick to just one school of design. You can experiment with multiple styles at the same time to find a blend that’s unique to you. If you look at modern home retailers, furniture companies, and design firms, it’s clear that traditional design is not the most popular style today.

Traditional design as it’s used today is most chiefly inspired by 18th and 19th century European home decor. This style was formal and sumptuous embracing color, pattern, curved lines, and details aplenty. In other words, it’s really the opposite of minimalist style and it’s often described by adherence as being elegant.

There are many classics out there, of course, but we think that this curated list of 11 choices will suit gentlemen who, like us, don’t want to be in a space that will seem hopelessly dated in 10 years’ time. Colors, patterns, finishes, and even the size of different furniture pieces can wax and wane over time but we think that this particular list of classics will never go out of style.

03:52 Cost of Interior Design

Interior Design Classics

04:42 1. Chesterfield Sofa
06:02 2. Wingback Chair
07:04 3. Grand Piano
09:05 4. A Curated Bookshelf
10:05 5. Oil Paintings
12:00 6. Classically Styled Mirror
12:11 7. Pool Table
13:10 8. Taxidermy
14:30 9. Oriental Rugs
15:18 10. Drapery
16:34 11. Palm Trees

18:00 Outfit Rundown

What concept about this school of design do you admire the most? Share it with us in the comments section!

By Mack

19 thoughts on “11 Interior Design Classics – Gentlemen’s Home Decor”
  1. Grand piano is a Huge problem in 60s appartements
    Combined with a Chesterfield sofa, mahogany dinner table your house looks full already. 🤔

  2. Is Preston a real person or is he cos playing sherlock holmes. Nobody acts like this today.

  3. So pool tables, dead animals on the wall, and dressing gowns equals gentlemen’s home. Got it.

  4. Disgusting and disappointing…taxidermy is terrible, and hunting is never ‘for conservation purposes’. Highly disappointed and disillusioned.

  5. Thanks for that careful presentation of taxidermy. As a vegan, I also appreciate the suggestion of getting linen Chesterfield sofa instead of using leather. For people looking for oriental rugs, I would advice to aim for fair trade banners that distribute the production of ethically paid artisans, as it’s a market where a lot of exploitation sadfully still occure. Nothing say gentleman as ethics and I think that a gentleman’s decor must reflect his concerns and knowledge of the items he furnishs his housing with.

  6. “Chesterfield” Are you kidding me? The Chesterfield is the go sofa of the hopeful nouveau riche. It’s a piece of furniture you see on The House Wives Of Orange County. It’s tacky.This is what people purchase to try and look like they have money and taste. A Chesterfield. Hahaha!!

  7. I have never watched any video of you before, so I want to leave a warm compliment for creating such a qualitative video!

    I really appreciate the chosen words, missing hunt for new subscribers and omission of a lengthy introduction before getting to the point.

    Also, I cherish the respect you are showing to animals and women (13:26 & 10:52)

    Keep up the good work – it is seen!

  8. wall paper? paneling? wooden moldings? brass elements? gramophone? winscoting? fireplace? stained glass? brillant cut glass?

  9. No way I will ever get anything taxidermy related. I like the clothes at the end, and that’s it for this video.

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