Wed. Jul 6th, 2022

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72Wx102L – Ivory White (I got 4 of them)
Curtain Fabric Swatches:
Curtain Rod:
Curtain Hoops:


Rice Cooker:

Aroma 360 Dupe:

Alexa Home Pod:

Nespresso Machine:
Nespresso Milk Frother:

Glam Wash:

Toilet Paper Holder (GOLD):
Toilet Paper Holder (BLACK):

Spice Jars:
Spice Drawer Organizer:

Shoe Box Storage:

Phone Cases:
Screen Protectors:

Watch Organizer:

Essentials Dupes:

Align Tank Dupe:

Pots and Pans Organizer:

Atomic Habits:


Gucci Tights Dupe:

Crest White Strips:

Calm Magnesium Powder:
Olly Vitamins:


Ankle Weights:

Baseball Cap:

My favourite Nipple Stickers Nipple Stickers
Sticky Bra:

Matrix Length Goals Extensions Shampoo:
Matrix Length Goals Extensions Conditioner:

Hot Tools Curling Wand:

Other Faves
Ring Light:
Elta MD:
Air Fryer:

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22 thoughts on “30 Amazon Products you NEED!! HOME DECOR, FASHION, DUPES + MORE!!”
  1. Good morning Toni happy Thursday morning and I just wanted to say that your vlogs is sooo beautiful you are amazing Supporter and I’m proud of you

  2. Um yea! Please make another with the “way more” that wasn’t in this. Oh and yes please, to the Amazon workout fits

  3. I’m loving loving the Amazon hauls yes please and u have the best and Amazon lounge wear please haul keep them coming

  4. Will you be making phone cases again? Did I miss when you said you were stopping? 🙂

  5. Hey girl hey…Always love these videos! And if you love Glam Wash, you will like Magnolia soap and bath co’s laundry detergent in “Lady Luck” so much cheaper and refillable. Scottie is the owner and she is amazing ✨ I would 20/10 recommend it girl.

  6. Always so excited when I see a new post from you ! Love the Amazon favs and would love to see one on gym clothes ..💜

  7. How does the sticky bra do in hot and humid weather? Worried about it sliding off

  8. Omg the essentials dupe DONT pleaseee dont. You just got lucky because I bought 3 hoodies a few weeks ago and they were the most horrible cheaply made hoodies that i have ever seen🥲

    1. Oh no I’m so sorry to hear that!! I’ve ordered a few times and they have all been amazing 😭😭😭

  9. Hi Toni, for the sticky bra, the one linked looks a bit different than the one you showed. Are they the same?

  10. Everything I wanted is only available on Canada Amazon, why didn’t I know that was even a thing until now 😢😅

  11. Toni I love your videos!!! Something about your style, your personality, your vibes really motivate me to want to smell good, to take better care of myself, clean my home. You are awesome and inspiring!!

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