Wed. Jul 6th, 2022

Simple Painting:

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Hey loves, hope you’re having a great week. I recently went thrift shopping and of course, I had to take you guys along with me and do a haul of all the treasures I found. Let me know which piece is your favorite. Thanks for watching. Love you guys always!!!

Silver Cresent Moon ring from Soul Eye Jewerly:


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  1. I love it all! The vase is gorgeous the way it is. I would just turn the green to face the wall. Lol! But if you decide to paint it, I’m sure you’ll do a good job. Love the hat too!

  2. A great haul Love the elephant vase wow so stunning and love the long skirt you got the fabric fell beautifully and love the waistline but I can’t believe you didn’t get that blue backpack and scarf. So much nice home decor that you definitely held good restraint on. I think you need to open a little shop to resell all things your aesthetic of decor and special clothing pieces 🤩 it would be so beautiful
    Thanks for sharing another great thrift shop video

  3. Amazing finds, as usual !!! Love the mask !!🥰🥰

  4. I am a staging student so I watch anything relevant to home decor daily. You just validated two of my common theories, if good taste is in your DNA you can shop anywhere, thrifting is best in the higher demographics neighborhoods. .😃😍 Impressive haul, boho / eclectic vibes.. I would preserve the vessel as is..

  5. It seems like someone was decluttering their African Collection… You found so many beautiful pieces.

  6. Great haul 🤗 Wonderful finds!! You have a keen eye for treasures!!👏👏 I like everything as is it give authentic value👍🤗

  7. Thank U for another great and inspiring video..vase no. 1 is just no.1 👍 vase no.2 i imagine it in ivory colour.. have a nice evening..greetings from Poland

  8. Wouldn’t change the heavy vase, it’s beastly beautiful the way it is

  9. Your paint by number is gorgeous. When I was 16 my dad got stationed for a year to Greenland without the family. I purchased Blue Boy and Pinky , 16×24 oil paint by number for $5. Each. I worked on Blue Boy the year my dad was gone and started on Pinky when he came home and we got stationed to Nebraska, then England, I returned to the USA when I was 20 and finally finished her. They have hung in my home all these years and I’m now 74. Be sure not to put your painting on a wall that gets sunlight as it will affect your painting over time. She is absolutely beautiful.

    I too love thrift shopping, I’ve found some beautiful art pieces for my home too. I love the items you found at your thrift store. Paint that beautiful vase to suit your style, it’s a beautiful shape.

    I’ve watched your channel for awhile now and find your taste and talent to be very rewarding , you are lovely and talented.

    Enjoy this memorial weekend and blessings from Northern California.

  10. I can’t BELIEVE you didn’t get that AMAZING COLORFUL Blouse. I’m kinda glad you didn’t cuz I would’ve been SO JEALOUS, through the TV.

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