Wed. Jul 6th, 2022

By Daryl

13 thoughts on “SHOP WITH ME // Home Decor + Interior Design”
  1. Everything looks so comfy and clean lol like I can’t explain it…just has such a “feel good,I’m not leaving the comfort of my home” vibe

  2. Loved this style of video! I am redecorating my house and you gave me such good ideas

  3. Love this style of video ! Im wondering if you could get into the budgeting aspect of redoing a basement after having just bought a house ? I think that could be quite interesting !

  4. The fact that you have pinned Picmonkey is a solid proof of you doing social media since forever! 🤣 also, you think you’d do again neutrals when you eventually move or maybe try something bolder despite what the trends will be?

  5. Doing the Dyson all the time is probably drying out your waves causing you to produce extra oil. Also that hair color looks amazing on you!!!

  6. It’s not my favourite decor style but I think you do it well. I’m definitely liking the more cream/beige/brown combo

  7. Wow I gasped when you showed your hair after drying!!! It looks so healthy and beautiful! And suits you so well 😍

  8. How would you describe your taste and this kind of interior decorating as? I try to look up simple modern organic and it just isn’t this, what you have for inspiration is literal perfection and my taste as well!

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