Wed. Jul 6th, 2022

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Mixtiles turns photos from your phone into stunning wall art. Using a special adhesive strip, Mixtiles stick to any wall without nails and can be moved around multiple times without leaving any damage to the wall. The entire experience from ordering to hanging is super easy! Select the best images from your phone, Mixtiles will ship them right to your door, then you’ll stick them to your wall. It’s that easy!
*Our photographer for our family photos was my sweet friend, Susannah, from Susannah White Photography. If you’re local to the Charlotte area, check her out!

Walls/Ceilings – Snowbound by SW
Cabinets/Trim/Doors – Heather by Dunn Edwards

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– P R O D U C T S –
Lumbar Rabbit Pillow with Fringe –
Nesting Baskets –
Tea Towel Set (FREE with purchase of nesting baskets until 5/18) –
Egg Holders –
Reactive Glaze Pitcher –
Stoneware Pear –
Mango Wood Cheese/Cutting Board –
Seagrass Caddy –
Seltzer Bottle –
Found Finial –
Flower Press –
Wooden Spoons –
Ceramic Spoon –
Gardening Apron –
Kitchen Conversion Banner –
Embossed Trivet – –
Jute Bag –
Jute Placemat –
Herringbone Tea Towel Set –
Floral Table Runner –
Lamps –
Plant –
Mirror –
Curtains –
Curtain Rods –
Cozy White Cottage Book –
Cozy White Cottage Seasons Book –
Shades of White Book –
Soul of the Home Book (Designing with Antiques) –


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Skye + Chad Holmes

By Ali

  1. Hi friends! Thanks so much for being here! Go to to order Mixtiles & use code HUSTLE25 to get 25% off when buying above $50! 🖼 Valid only for 30 days 🛍

  2. Skye, everything is so beautiful! You’re home is relaxing and cozy. I love the pillow and the adorable blanket.
    Have a beautiful day! ☀️

  3. You did an amazing job once again !!! Such amazing video love all the pieces! Love how to show how you style ! I really liked the music loved the last song what was it ! My favorite shop is house and holm forever and always a customer!! Thank you

    1. Goodness, we appreciate you!!! Thank you so much, Angel! ♥️

      That song is called, Something Different. 😊

  4. Love everything!!! Love the floral throw,brass candle sticks, pitche, soany good items!!!…. can’t wait to buy some!!!🤗👍

  5. Those Mixtiles were perfect for that wall! So fun and sweet ♥️

  6. Hi Skye,
    Beautiful and exquisite as always!!
    Love it.
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful home.
    Have a fantastic and blessed week.

  7. Hi Skye! Well I had to place an order! Love the rabbit pillow, had to get another pear (a girl can’t have too many), the wood scoop and the flower press. I want to see if I can frame a few. I always have some great ideas, not just the time to do them! I’ve had a Circuit for over a year and haven’t tried one thing yet. Ugh! I need to watch some YouTube videos so I know what supplies I need. LOL Well the press will make a cute piece of decor even if I don’t get a chance to use it!

    1. Oh no! Yes – definitely check out YouTube! There are tons of tutorials! I hope you give it a try. We have a lot of fun with our Cricut! Thanks so much for your order. Your continued support means SO MUCH to our family! ♥️

  8. Those picture tiles are adorable!!!! That flower press is also very interesting!!!

  9. Crystal Tara had those tiles on one of her videos last week. Those things are amazing and I’m planning to order. I always love how you decorate. It’s just always so light and airy!!

    1. Oh no way! I’m going to head over to her channel now to see how she styled hers! Love all that she does! Thanks so much for watching and for your kind words, Deborah!

  10. The candlesticks are so pretty, but it all is! Your house looks so inviting, I love the tiles, they’re a wonderful addition!

  11. Everything looks FABULOUS, great video n great that u n hubby work so well together, Great teamwork! 😊❤️⭐️🎁💕

  12. I love all the new products but I think my favorite is the mango wood cutting board. It is shaped like the state of Oklahoma which is where I live and have lived all my life. It is a beautiful piece! Im going to have to try to get it.

  13. Aren’t mixed tiles wonderful? My daughter introduced me to those a couple of years ago. I have a few and plan on getting more.

  14. Hello…Hello …Hello Skye ! I don’t think I can “play favorites”… I love everything you carry in your Shop and it is hard not to add ALL items to my cart!

    I love your gallery wall and those frames ! Talk about making life easy to hang them all…those frames are fabulous! Nice photos also , can certainly see the love in your family !

    How unique is the Flower Press ! The look of it alone is wonderful! The Rabbit Pillow is pretty in your sunroom ! So much to love ! LOL!!!

    Glad and thankful to see your “full , sincere beautiful smile” and “upbeat voice “ back ! Praise the Lord for answered prayers with that shoulder!

    Prayers, love and hugs sweet one ! 💛💛🙏💛🥰

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