Wed. Jul 6th, 2022

Hi Friends and Youtube Family,
In this video I’m sharing what I found when I was out and about thrifting. And since I’ve had good response of adding the makeovers they’re included too.

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By Elvia

20 thoughts on “Thrift Store Haul | Home Decor Makeovers”
  1. Love love love that basket and swan! Wished I lived closer, I would be in your booth all the time! Your flips always come out so nice, I have a weakness for risers ❤️

  2. I cannot pick a favorite! You come up with the most creative ideas. I get so engrossed in watching you speed along…good job!

  3. Me me me! Red is my favorite kitchen color and yellow is a close second!! I love the Pioneer Woman decor and have a few of her pieces because I love a riot of color!! I need to shop with you, like sneaking and following you around, heehee! You find such goodies and you always make them EVEN BETTER!!✨✨

  4. I put one of those coffee mug things in my garden with colored bottles and white lights. It looks very pretty

  5. I love you and so much of what you create, but that crackle looks so primitive and not French country.

  6. Love the flower arrangements. I’ve always felt like every salvaged container looks good with flowers

  7. As always I love it all ! Wonderful finds to start with , too. 💟✝️ I did some picture frames with antique sheet music for Mother’s Day Gifts . I’d love for you to see them if you’d like. 💟✝️

  8. Wow I wished our Goodwill had such Awesome stuff… I need to go up North to thrift shop… lol

  9. Hello Yvonne ~ Oh I love the Basket with the leather straps, that Clock Phone, the CAT Pottery piece, the Misshaped Box and your upcycle on it … then how cute the little Dress Form came out ! So many things to love !

    Yes, Auction prices can be equally as high a Antique Shops ! I have scored some of my favorite items for $2 or $3 dollars, but it is rare anymore to get those finds. Since going On-line with their Auctions, our little Auction House is doing very well On-line. People have a week to think about items, watch them and then when it comes up on the Auction block …an additional 2-4 minutes more! NOT to mention their comfy chairs at home ….LOL!!! I like that part ! 👍

    Great finds and beautiful upcycling as always !

    Hugs your way ! ☀️☀️☀️🙏☀️☀️☀️

  10. Always love all of your transformations! I especially like that wooden tray you painted white with the metal handles.

  11. You did a great job on everything! I live the dress form. The chippy window with the wreath was a great idea and it looks great. Plus all the stuff you didn’t have to do anything too.
    Great hall, and make overs.

  12. LOVE the bird floral arrangement, the lavender floral arrangement, and the crackled window with the wreath!!!! Love that crackle!!!❤️🌹❤️

  13. The black rack is for drying bottles, especially wine bottles. Another great haul!

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